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Community Resources & Nonprofits
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211 Maryland
Marylanders who call 211 can be connected to a wide range of social services, including housing services, child and senior care, employment support, educational opportunities, tax services, veteran support, and more. Whatever you need, 211 can connect you to the resources that will help.
Maryland Coalition of Families
For those who love someone who struggles with substance use, mental health, or gambling issues, it can be challenging to know how to navigate the relationship. The Maryland Coalition of Families offers family peer support to connect you with others in your situation. They provide support groups and peer support counselors. The organization also has transitional peer support for young adults learning to navigate independence for the first time.
Harm Reduction & Opioid Resources
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Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition
The Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition distributes safety kits in multiple locations across the city. The kits available include safer sex, safer injection, safer snorting, Narcan kits, hygiene kits, and menstruation kits. Check the website to find locations and hours throughout the week.
Government Programs
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Maryland Department of Health, Syringe Services Program
The Maryland Department of Health provides an interactive map that shows locations for syringe service programs across the state. Services available at the programs include syringe distribution, case management, testing for HIV, HCV, and STDs, wound care, naloxone and overdose education, fentanyl testing strips, and connections to housing and other social services. The programs also offer referrals to substance use treatment to those who are interested.
Baltimore County Harm Reduction Program
The Baltimore County harm reduction program provides a broad range of services, including syringe exchange, safer injection kits, peer support, naloxone kits, fentanyl test strips, testing for HIV and Hep C, and other health care. They also can give interested individuals referrals to substance use treatment.
Maryland Office of Overdose Response
Maryland’s Office of Overdose Response provides information about naloxone, fentanyl, and xylazine, as well as overdose prevention training and connections to substance use treatment. The website also has information about protections under the Good Samaritan Law, how to reduce stigma around substance use, and how to talk to your doctor about opioid prescriptions.
Montgomery County Opioid Resources
Montgomery County is Maryland’s most populous, with over 1 million residents. The County’s opioid resources programs help keep county residents safer, providing free naloxone kits and training, fentanyl test strips, and syringe services. They also provide sexual health education, HIV testing, phone numbers for substance use and mental health screenings, and crisis support.
Prince George County Behavioral Health Programs
Prince George County offers overdose response training and free naloxone, along with harm reduction services, community-based support for juvenile offenders, re-entry services, and treatment for substance use and mental health needs. For those in need of these services, the support can be life-changing.
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