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How to Choose

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Choosing a treatment option can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. After struggling with substance abuse and realizing you need to find a rehab program to help you quit, it can be wonderful to know you have support in finding the option that works best for your needs. Call 800-743-5860(Who Answers?) today to find a rehab center and to receive helpful advice on which program will most benefit you.

Step One: Make a List

It is important to make a list of all your needs, not only as a recovering addict but also as a person in order to find the program that will best fit you. Effective treatment attends to all the needs of an individual, not just the specific issues related to their addiction, so ask yourself about the following categories and whether or not your treatment program should be able to accommodate your needs associated with them.

How to Choose

Make a list of all your needs before researching treatment centers.

  • Medical: Do you require 24-hour care for a medical condition or treatment for a physical disorder that may or may not pertain to your drug abuse?
  • Psychological: Do you have any co-occurring mental disorders that may have led to or been caused by your substance use?
  • Social: Do you struggle with social situations and need treatment for this issue? Are you having problems with friends, family members, or a spouse and require couples or family therapy?
  • Vocational: Do you need help finding a job after treatment, building your résumé, etc.? Is an employer referring you to a rehab program?
  • Financial: Are you experiencing financial hardships as a result of your substance abuse?
  • Legal: Were you arrested, referred to treatment through the criminal justice system, or are you otherwise facing legal problems?

Certain needs you have may also pertain to your age, gender, ethnicity, or culture. Sitting down and thinking about the areas of your life that will be affected by addiction treatment and how a rehab center can best help you as a whole person is essential. Before you begin to look for any specific treatment programs or facilities, you must thoroughly understand what you need from your addiction treatment and how the program you choose will best be able to help you heal.

Step Two: Consider Your Options

There are a number of options available to you for drug addiction recovery and treatment. You may decide to attend more than one at once or over a prolonged period of time, but it is important to understand your options and to be able to recognize which of these is best for you at a certain time.

  • Inpatient Rehab: Many inpatient facilities exist where patients have access to hospital-like medical care and a fully controlled environment. This is often necessary for those who have been struggling to quit their substance abuse for years or who have experienced many relapses. In addition, inpatient centers usually provide more treatment options to patients as well as medical, psychological, and holistic programs that can meet many of the additional needs listed above. Residential treatment programs also have short- and long-term options where an individual can attend the program anywhere from 30 days to a year or longer.
  • Outpatient Rehab: Outpatient rehab programs only require patients to attend treatment during the day and do not provide living accommodations. Sometimes, these programs can provide little more than drug education, but certain outpatient centers can offer patients more options. In general, these programs are much more beneficial to those who have extensive social supports, jobs, family responsibilities, and other means of assistance that will help them through their recovery.
  • Detox: Medical detoxification safely helps a person stop abusing drugs by weaning them off their substance of choice or treating their withdrawal symptoms as they appear. This is necessary because most addictive substances cause painful, uncomfortable, and dangerous symptoms that can possibly lead to relapse or even be deadly on their own. However, it is important to remember that detox is only the first step of addiction treatment and is not in itself a treatment for addiction. A person who goes through withdrawal will still be an addict afterward and will require further help to avoid relapse and make a full recovery.
  • Luxury Rehab: Many luxury rehab programs provide hotel-like accommodations as well as additional treatment options such as massage, acupuncture, yoga and meditation classes, art therapy, and more. Individuals who value their privacy also often choose luxury facilities like these where their identities can be protected. These facilities often cost more than regular rehab programs, but it can be worth it to many individuals. In addition to the above amenities, a patient at this type of facility can often expect gourmet meals, a pool and sauna, and other comforts that will make their stay in the rehab center more relaxing.
  • Support Groups: Support groups, such as Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, and LifeRing, are free programs that can be used as a supplement to professional treatment. Meetings for these programs usually focus on peer support for sobriety and other positive life choices and making changes in one’s life that benefit recovery.
  • Sober Living Houses: Often used as an aftercare program by an individual leaving inpatient care, sober homes are facilities where the residents pay rent, come and go as they please, and are expected to have jobs as well as other social obligations. The facility also bans all use of mind-altering substances and allows a group of sober individuals to live together and create a safe space as they work on their recoveries.

If you would like to learn more about a specific program or for help finding a rehab center, call 800-743-5860(Who Answers?) now. We can help you find the treatment facility that is right for you.

Step Three: Match Your Needs to a Program

Once you learn about the options available to you, it is time to choose which type of program will best match your needs. Inpatient care is often necessary for those who have severe addictions and extensive conditions such as co-occurring psychological or physical disorders. You may also want to choose a more intensive program if you need help with legal, vocational, or social issues, as the facility itself will be more likely to provide further options on-site.

Step Four: Find a Rehab Center

Once you know which type of facility or program is best for you, call 800-743-5860(Who Answers?) to find out more about how you can locate a center and what questions you should ask before attending treatment. Some of these include:

  • How long does your program last?
  • Do you take my insurance?
  • What will my treatment program be like?
  • Can my friends and family members visit me?

It is important to remember that the treatment option you choose should benefit you above all. Your loved ones will often have their own say in what program is best, but essentially, you must choose the option that is right for you. Also, be careful of rehab centers that may seem a little sketchy or don’t offer what you need. Choosing and finding the right treatment facility isn’t an easy task, but it is much easier with the support of your loved ones and the help of experts. Call 800-743-5860(Who Answers?)  now to find the right program for you and to begin your recovery from substance abuse today.

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