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Community Resources & Nonprofits
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GracesList Southeast Missouri
For those who are unhoused or at risk of homelessness, it can be hard to know where to turn. GracesList provides a list of homeless shelters in southeastern Missouri, including women’s shelters, youth shelters, domestic violence shelters, and general overnight shelters. If you’re in that region and need a place to stay, this resource has contact information, hours, and more.
Harm Reduction & Opioid Resources
3 resources
No Mo Deaths
No MO Deaths provides information about where to get naloxone (Narcan) kits to prevent overdose deaths. They also have an opioid treatment locator and information about opioid recovery housing. If you or a family member is struggling with opioid misuse, these resources will help with overdose prevention and give individuals a chance to create a substance-free life.
Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services
The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services offers harm reduction information, including where to get naloxone, a Never Use Alone hotline, and disease prevention tips for those using injectable drugs. These resources can be essential in helping people stay safer until they are ready to begin recovery.
First Call
First Call in Kansas City provides multiple community support services, including naloxone (Narcan) kits, harm reduction education, family services, and recovery support. They also have re-entry services such as recovery support, clothing, hygiene products, housing and employment support, and outpatient treatment.
Government Programs
3 resources
Missouri Behavioral Health Services Locator
If you or a loved one needs behavioral health treatment, Missouri’s treatment locator provides the information you need. The locator includes community mental health centers, substance use treatment, behavioral health services, children’s services, recovery support, and help for problem gambling. Get the care you need, all in one place.
Justice Involved Treatment Initiatives
The State of Missouri provides treatment initiatives for justice-involved individuals with behavioral health concerns to help them get the care they need to stabilize their lives and avoid re-offending. Programs include drug courts with diversion programs, substance use treatment, housing programs, employment services, and information about medication-assisted treatment. If you or a loved one is re-entering the community, be sure to connect with the resources you need!
Missouri 211
Missouri residents who call 211 connect with a broad range of social services, including food, transportation, income support, legal services, child and/or senior care, housing services, and much more. Rather than looking for support for each need individually, save time by calling 211 and finding all the help you need in one place!
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