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Kansas City, Missouri

About Healing House

Located in Kansas City, MO, Healing House is a drug and alcohol treatment facility offering outpatient addiction treatment for adults. They provide treatment and recovery support services with components like group therapy, peer support, counseling classes, and recovery coaching. The outpatient program has three levels, each including varying degrees of support, coaching, counseling, and case management.

Community-based primary treatment is the first level and consists of a one-month immersive experience that involves 25 hours per week of therapy groups, counseling, support groups, and recovery coaching sessions. The second level is intensive outpatient treatment and includes ten hours of activities per week. Eight hours are classes and therapy groups along with a counseling session, plus one recovery coaching session. The third level is supported recovery and consists of three hours of treatment activities per week. Outpatient programming takes place between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, with group therapy taking place in the evenings.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Alcoholism Drug Rehab


The goal of each alcohol rehab in Missouri is to provide effective recovery treatment for alcohol use disorder. To ensure long-term success, treatment includes creating a network of support to help individuals maintain their sobriety after initial rehab is complete.

Drug Rehab

Drug rehab in Missouri usually involves several phases: detox, rehab, and aftercare. The rehab phase may include a combination of inpatient and outpatient treatments, as the individual moves through a continuum of care on their recovery journey.

Levels of Care


Detox & MAT

When you decide to enter drug rehab in Missouri, you’ll start with detox. During this step, you’ll receive... 24/7 supervision as your body is cleansed of all addictive substances. You may receive medication to ease withdrawal symptoms.
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Inpatient Rehab

When you enter inpatient drug rehab in Missouri, you’ll live at the rehab facility and receive 24/7 care und...er professional supervision. A combination of treatment interventions will be provided, including individual and group therapy, nutritional counseling, experiential therapies, and medication.
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Outpatient Rehab

When you enter outpatient rehab in Missouri, a recovery expert will evaluate your needs and help you develop a... personalized treatment plan. This typically includes one-on-one visits with therapists, group therapy, and support group meetings. The length of outpatient rehab will be determined by your recovery needs.
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private-insurance icon Private Insurance

If you have private insurance, you may be able to use your coverage to help pay for alcohol and drug rehab in ...Missouri. The extent of coverage may vary based on your insurance policy and the treatment center's network status. You may be left with some costs like a co-payment, or co-insurance. Check with your insurer for more information.
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self-pay icon Self-Pay Options

Also known as Private Pay, self-pay allows you to personally cover the cost of your treatment, giving you the ...ability to choose your path of recovery. All levels of care, including detox, inpatient rehab, and more, are available through self-pay without imposed restrictions of state-run or private insurance programs.
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