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Community Resources & Nonprofits
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The Transitions program in the Midlands of South Carolina helps men and women experiencing or at risk of homelessness stabilize their lives, increase income, and secure permanent housing. Transitions has an emergency shelter and a shelter for their stabilization program, as well as specific services for young adults, adults, veterans, and seniors.
Homeless No More
Homeless No More operates in the Columbia area, providing emergency and transitional shelter and developing affordable housing. The organization also offers life skills training, child tutoring and homework help, after school programs, camps during school breaks, educational activities, and meals. They also have a case management program that provides housing, employment, and medical care support, along with counseling, mentoring, and additionals resources. Homeless No More is a helpful resource for South Carolina’s families in need.
South Carolina 211
South Carolina residents who call 211 are able to access a broad range of social services, including health services, housing, food and clothing, employment and education support, rent and utility assistance, victim services, mental health and substance use treatment, and much more. Rather than taking the time to find programs one by one, you can call 211 and find everything quickly and easily.
FAVOR Upstate
FAVOR Upstate is a recovery support program that provides peer support, recovery coaching, and connections to recovery groups in eight upstate South Carolina counties. They also provide family support, fun sober activities, and outreach programs. If you’re in the area and looking for support, give FAVOR Upstate a call or stop by one of their centers.
Courage Center
The Courage Center operates a harm reduction van and offers a variety of services to teens, young adults, and families in Orangeburg, Lexington, and Columbia. They host recovery meetings, life skills training, and sober events, and the harm reduction van offers naloxone (Narcan) kits, fentanyl test strips, and more.
Gamecock Recovery
Gamecock Recovery at the University of South Carolina embraces all paths to recovery. They offer peer-based support, recovery coaching, and multiple types of support meetings, including a harm reduction meeting, All Recovery, and more. They also have a Recovery Lounge that provides study space, coffee, games, art supplies, and a place for students to hang out.
Harm Reduction & Opioid Resources
3 resources
Wake Up Carolina
Wake Up Carolina has two centers, one each in Mt. Pleasant and Moncks Corner, and they have harm reduction services and a variety of support meetings. They offer naloxone (Narcan) kits, overdose prevention training, fentanyl and xylazine test strips, and HIV/HCV testing. They also host Smart Recovery, Mothers’ Gathering, Dad2Dad, Grief and Loss, and other support groups. Contact Wake Up Carolina for more information!
Challenges Inc Harm Reduction Services
Challenges Inc. Harm Reduction Services provides a syringe program and mobile bus unit in the upstate South Carolina area, including syringe exchange, overdose prevention, HIV and Hep C testing, and substance use education. They can also provide referrals to substance use treatment for those who are interested.
Fyrebird Recovery
Fyrebird Recovery serves the Horry County/Myrtle Beach area with harm reduction supplies such as naloxone (Narcan) kits, safe use kits, fentanyl test strips, sharps containers, and more. They also offer case management services, re-entry programs for the justice-involved, Blaze Closet for affordable clothes, and a low-barrier food pantry.
Government Programs
1 resource
South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services (DAODAS)
The South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services (DAODAS) provides an interactive online map to help you find state-contracted recovery centers. You can also look for DUI programs and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) centers. For those who need state-approved resources, this website can serve as a one-stop shop.
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