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About Solutions Recovery Center

Solutions Recovery Center is an alcohol and drug rehab program in Greenville, South Carolina that provides addiction treatment to men and women seeking recovery. They provide residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and traditional outpatient treatment. They also offer sober living accommodations and court-ordered treatment services. Individuals with dual diagnosis are treated for mental health concerns and addiction concurrently. Each client is provided a personalized treatment plan that takes into consideration his or her unique needs and goals for treatment.

Solutions Recovery Center provides a wide variety of services to their clients. Peer support services, drug testing, sober activities, employment assistance, and 12-Step programming are available. Clients engage in mental health interventions to get to the root cause of their addictive tendencies and to create new patterns for their future. Solutions for Recovery invites individuals to reach out to discuss payment and fees.


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Private Rehab

Private drug rehab provides a comfortable, secure environment that allows you to focus on doing the work to ge...t your life back on track. Benefits include a higher staff-to-client ratio, increased one-on-one time with therapists and healthcare providers, private rooms for clients, and customized forms of therapy.
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Private Transportation

Transportation services are designed to ensure your addiction treatment begins and ends successfully by free transportation to the rehab facility, to and from your appointments during rehab, and back home upon program completion.
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Residential Setting

Residential drug rehab provides the comforts of home with the therapeutic support needed to successfully Benefits of an inpatient program include increased safety, a higher success rate, and the time and distance given to focus on recovery. Residential drug rehabs are often the preferred method of treatment, as they can be tailored to meet specific needs, offer focused therapeutic care, and provide the necessary tools to sustain recovery.
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Addiction Treatment Programs

Adult Program Alcoholism Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Men's Rehab Rehab For Veterans Opioid Treatment Women's Rehab Teen & Adolescent Program

Adult Program

The goal of an adult program in South Carolina is to help individuals who have substance use disorders achieve the highest level of independence and best quality of life attainable. This is accomplished through a variety of counseling and therapy methods tailored to the individual.


Alcohol rehab in South Carolina includes outpatient and inpatient programs. Inpatient requires participants to live at the facility, while outpatient programs provide daily support while the individual lives at home. The goal of both is to address addiction issues and help participants achieve long-term sobriety.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Therapists often use cognitive behavioral therapy in South Carolina to help individuals learn how to deal with challenging situations without the use of substances. This treatment often includes role-playing techniques.

Men's Rehab

Men’s rehab in South Carolina can provide an environment where men feel safe from judgment and are comfortable sharing about their struggles. This can be key to successful recovery.

Rehab For Veterans

Veterans often experience stress from deployment, combat exposure, and reintegration into civilian life. Veteran’s rehab in South Carolina addresses these challenges to provide effective addiction treatment for active and retired military personnel.

Opioid Treatment

Opioid rehab in South Carolina offers hope for those struggling with opioid use disorder. Professional treatment can reduce withdrawal symptoms and address the mental and physical issues of addiction so you can begin to heal.

Women's Rehab

Women’s rehab in South Carolina focuses on physical, emotional, and spiritual support for women who are struggling with addiction. Often, women feel more relaxed and recover more quickly in these gender-specific settings.

Teen & Adolescent Program

A young adult program in South Carolina focuses only on young adults and their developmental needs as they face addiction issues. Treatment addresses the unique challenges of this stage of life and helps young adults work through recovery.

Levels of Care


Outpatient Rehab

South Carolina outpatient rehab often helps people transition back to their lives from inpatient rehab. This l...ess restrictive program involves attending regular counseling sessions and support group meetings. The length of outpatient rehab varies from short-term to long-term, based on each person’s recovery journey.
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Aftercare & Alumni Program

Aftercare rehab in South Carolina gives you the guidance and support you need once you complete rehab. As you ...face temptations and life challenges, it provides resources to overcome hurdles and maintain sobriety. Common services include life coaching, counseling, and support groups. This aftercare often continues for a year or more after initial treatment.
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Dual Diagnosis & Mental Health

Treating a substance abuse disorder without treating a co-occurring mental health disorder is not effective. I...f you have co-occurring disorders, you need dual diagnosis treatment in South Carolina to properly address all your recovery needs.
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Sober Living

South Carolina sober living provides a safe and supportive living environment to help you maintain a sober lif...estyle. These homes often serve as a transition between rehab treatment and independent living. A typical stay lasts between five and eight months, but can be for as long as you need it.
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financial-aid icon Financial Aid

If you need help with paying for alcohol and drug rehab in South Carolina, financial aid may be a good solutio...n. Financial assistance options include grants, scholarships, non-profit programs, personal funding, and health insurance programs to help you manage the expense of substance abuse treatment.
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self-pay icon Self-Pay Options

You have the option to pay for your alcohol and drug rehab in South Carolina out-of-pocket, known as self-pay ...or private pay. Private pay gives you access to all levels of care — including detox and inpatient rehab — that you may not otherwise have access to through a private insurer or state-run program.
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sliding-scale icon Sliding Scale Payment

If you need help covering the cost of alcohol and drug rehab in South Carolina, but cannot pay the full amount..., a sliding scale payment plan may be an option for you. This way, you can access all levels of care, including detox, inpatient rehab, and more. To qualify for this treatment discount, you must complete an application and provide supporting financial documentation.
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