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2425 9th Avenue
Huntington, WV 25703

Huntington, West Virginia

About Recovery Point Huntington

Located in Huntington, West Virginia, Recovery Point Huntington is a residential addiction treatment facility for men. At this center, they offer drop in recovery coaching, transitional housing, and a long term residential treatment program. Treatment uses the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the social model of recovery.

During phase one of treatment, you’ll be expected to complete daily work assignments. These assignments include building and ground maintenance, cooking, and cleaning. Additionally during this phase you’ll complete the recovery dynamics curriculum. This is a course based on the 12 steps and includes 28 group sessions and 40 assignments. You’ll also attend AA and NA groups, get a sponsor, and find a home group.

Phase two of treatment is for residents who enter the silver chip program and want to become a recovery mentor. They will have the option of teaching the recovery dynamics class in exchange for a stipend. Also during this phase, you’ll need to attend five 12 step meetings per week.

All programs are free of charge.

Former clients of Recovery Point say the program saved their lives. They also said it’s a wonderful facility. Other former clients said the administration wasn’t responsive.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Adult Program Alcoholism Drug Rehab Men's Rehab Opioid Treatment Teen & Adolescent Program

Adult Program

Adults aged 18 and older can find help for substance use disorders at an adult program in West Virginia. These programs offer support for addiction-related issues and co-occurring mental health concerns.


Alcohol rehab in West Virginia varies by program, but most involve common elements. Individual and group counseling, 12-step support, and medical assistance provide treatment that addresses physical, mental, and emotional needs, with the goal of achieving long-term sobriety.

Drug Rehab

Rehab in West Virginia focuses on addressing all your needs. A full continuum of care is provided, from detox to aftercare. You can choose a program that best suits your situation and unique challenges.

Men's Rehab

Men’s rehab in West Virginia helps participants understand how substances affect the male body and teaches them how develop coping skills that work well for men. It also provides mutual support from other men who understand their struggles.

Opioid Treatment

Common goals of opioid rehab in West Virginia include breaking physical dependence on opioids, learning to manage cravings, building self-confidence, and developing stress-coping mechanisms. These tools help you overcome the damage caused by addiction and prevent future relapse.

Teen & Adolescent Program

A young adult program in West Virginia combines guidance, training, and coaching to teach individuals in their teens and twenties how to make healthy choices. Participants work on recovery goals in individual and group therapy that is tailored to this age group.

Levels of Care


Detox & MAT

As the first step of drug rehab in West Virginia, medical professionals will set up a detox program for you. T...his is the process of slowly and safely ridding your body of addictive substances. It may include medication to alleviate withdrawal.
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Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab in West Virginia is often a good fit for people exiting detox, in early recovery, or those in ...crisis situations that may increase the risk of relapse.. You will live at the rehab facility while you receive treatment, extensive addiction counseling, and recovery education.
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Aftercare & Alumni Program

Life after rehab is challenging. That’s why West Virginia aftercare rehab exists. This continued support you overcome hurdles during the first year after treatment. Participating in this program gives you the tools you need to maintain a sober lifestyle.
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Sober Living

Sober living in West Virginia is typically centered around 12-step programs. You’ll attend meetings while li...ving in a home with others in recovery. You can live there as long as you adhere to strict house rules and demonstrate you are working toward long-term recovery.
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payment-plan icon Payment Plans & Financing

For those who are underinsured or uninsured, paying the total cost of a rehab program up front is not feasible.... Fortunately, many alcohol and drug rehabs make financing available to potential clients through private loans, in-house payment plans, or partner lenders. You can choose a finance package that lets you start treatment immediately and pay for it later.
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free icon Free Rehab

Most states offer free alcohol and drug rehabs through public mental health and addiction treatment centers. T...hese centers often provide detox, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), and support groups. You must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for free alcohol and drug rehabs, such as lack of income and insurance.
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