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Addiction Treatment Programs

Adult Program Men's Rehab Women's Rehab Drug Rehab Alcoholism Opioid Treatment Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Rehab For Veterans

Adult Program

An adult program in Tennessee helps individuals reclaim their lives from addiction. Through various treatment methods, adults learn how to end their dependence on substances and live a drug-free lifestyle.

Men's Rehab

Men’s rehab in Tennessee addresses the different life experiences and genetic factors that shape how men are affected by addiction. By doing so, this type of treatment can be most effective for men who are struggling with substance use.

Women's Rehab

The main goal of women’s rehab in Tennessee is to provide a comfortable setting where women can focus on recovery. This environment helps women in treatment nurture their body, mind, and spirit without distractions.

Drug Rehab

Drug rehab in Tennessee prepares you to start life anew with the right tools to maintain sobriety. You’ll learn how to manage stress, adopt healthy lifestyle habits, and prevent relapse. This is typically accomplished through counseling, medication, and evidence-based therapies.


An alcohol rehab in Tennessee provides treatment to break free from alcohol addiction. Methods typically combine counseling, group support, and behavioral therapy, with alcohol abstinence and long-term sobriety as the goals.

Opioid Treatment

Opioid rehab in Tennessee helps you overcome your addiction to opioids. Programs typically include detoxification, medication assisted treatment, and counseling. Detox helps you safely manage withdrawal. Counseling helps you explore the reasons behind your addiction and learn skills to overcome it.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Therapists and clients work collaboratively during cognitive behavioral therapy in Tennessee to develop strategies for problem solving and changing behaviors. This solution-based therapy helps change thinking and behavior patterns that lead to addiction.

Rehab For Veterans

Veteran’s rehab in Tennessee may also treat co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, and panic disorder. By providing this treatment for dual diagnosis, Veteran’s rehab programs effectively address needs that are common among Veterans.

Levels of Care


Outpatient Rehab

Those who are coping well with reentry into society while sober are good candidates for outpatient rehab in Te...nnessee. This program involves attending multiple on-site sessions per week to provide accountability and support. Treatment lasts as long as you need it to, as it's based on your recovery progression.
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Inpatient Rehab

If you choose inpatient drug rehab in Tennessee, you live at the facility while receiving treatment. You’ll ...have 24/7 supervised clincial care while also receiving group and individual counseling and other forms of therapy.
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Intensive Outpatient Program


Dual Diagnosis & Mental Health

Substance abuse disorders are often accompanied by mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, ...or ADHD. In these cases, dual diagnosis treatment in Tennessee offers integrated treatment to effectively treat both co-occurring disorders.
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Detox & MAT

Typically, drug rehab in Tennessee begins with a detox program.. This is the process of slowly and safely all addictive substances from your system. Detox may take a couple of days to a week, depending on your personal history and drug of choice. .
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Aftercare & Alumni Program

One of the best ways to prevent relapse is to take advantage of Tennessee aftercare rehab. This program begins... as soon as initial treatment ends. It provides ongoing support through counselors, support groups, and life coaches, to help you overcome hurdles on your recovery journey.
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Private insurance may cover the cost of alcohol and drug rehab in Tennessee The amount covered may depend on y...our policy and whether the treatment center is in-network or out-of-network. You may be left with some costs like a co-payment, or co-insurance. Check with your insurer for more information.
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