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Addiction Treatment Programs

Alcoholism Drug Rehab


Alcohol rehab in Kansas helps individuals who are struggling with alcohol use disorder learn about recovery, its benefits, and how to achieve it. Treatment focuses on motivation to change, skills to accomplish change, and how to maintain long-term success with sobriety.

Drug Rehab

No single drug rehab in Kansas is right for everyone. Length, intensity, setting, and treatment methods vary. These can be tailored to meet each person’s needs. With the right program, individuals can successfully end their drug dependency and achieve long-term recovery.

Levels of Care


Detox & MAT

Drug rehab in Kansas typically begins with detox. This process can last up to a week. During that time, you’...ll receive 24/7 supervision and medical assistance to cleanse your body of all addictive substances.
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Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab in Kansas involves participation in group, individual, and other types of therapy in a supervised setting. Treatment may also include medication management and holistic therapies. It requires living at the drug rehab for the duration of treatment.
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Outpatient Rehab

Kansas outpatient rehab often includes several types of therapy, such as group, individual, and family. You’...ll attend several sessions per week, learning new skills and how to live a sober lifestyle. This treatment will continue for weeks, months, or even years, depending on your ongoing recovery needs.
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private-insurance icon Private Insurance

If you have private insurance, you can use it to cover part of all of the costs of alcohol and drug rehab in K...ansas. Coverage amounts may vary depending on your policy, and you may be left with some costs like a co-payment, or co-insurance.
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self-pay icon Self-Pay Options

Paying for alcohol or drug rehab in Kansas using self-pay options means you are responsible for covering the c...ost of treatment. Examples of private pay include paying in cash, using a credit card, or taking out a personal medical loan.
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