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Rutland Regional Medical Center – West Ridge Center provides outpatient addiction treatment for adults recovering from opioid dependency in Rutland, Vermont. Their services include dual diagnosis care, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), medically supervised ambulatory detox, and outpatient addiction counseling and recovery education.

Clients receive medical and mental health assessments, personalized care planning, and comprehensive case management. Those undergoing ambulatory detox enjoy robust, daily medical supervision. Their evidence-based MAT program encompasses a variety of treatment options, including buprenorphine and/or methadone induction and maintenance. Clients also engage in intensive, trauma-informed individual, group, and family counseling that draws on proven psychotherapeutic modalities. The program promotes clients’ sustained sobriety through extensive, recovery-focused life skills training. Topics encompass coping, self-care, disease and medication management, wellness, and relapse prevention.

Their aftercare services ensure a complete continuum of care aligned with clients’ evolving needs. These services may include transitional support for clients stepping down from inpatient treatment, 12-Step program facilitation, housing and employment assistance, and referrals for medical, mental health, and social service programs. Rutland Regional Medical Center – West Ridge Center is accredited by SAMHSA. Private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, sliding-scale payment schedules, financial aid, and self-pay are accepted.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Adult Program Alcoholism Drug Rehab Men's Rehab Opioid Treatment Women's Rehab Teen & Adolescent Program

Adult Program

If you need support with substance use issues, an adult program in Vermont can help. These programs effectively treat substance use disorders by providing individualized therapies at whatever level of care you need.


Alcohol rehab in Vermont is often the crucial first step for those on a recovery journey. At rehab, men and women find the tools they need to change their thinking, behavior, and environment. This allows them to move forward on their journey and achieve long-term sobriety.

Drug Rehab

A person with substance dependence can achieve recovery through drug rehab in Vermont. Professional staff provide a combination of interventions that are designed to help you attain and maintain abstinence from drugs.

Men's Rehab

Individuals who receive treatment at a men’s rehab in Vermont enjoy the freedom to speak openly about their struggles. Expectations to be “tough” or “strong” are removed, so men can get the support they need.

Opioid Treatment

When you choose opioid rehab in Vermont, you’ll receive the support you need to develop healthy coping skills and learn how to live a sober lifestyle. This treatment allows individuals to address the issues behind addiction and achieve long-term recovery.

Women's Rehab

Addressing recovery needs that are unique to females, women’s rehab in Vermont allows participants in treatment to bond with each other for mutual support. This creates a sense of community, open and honest communication, and better long-term treatment outcomes.

Teen & Adolescent Program

When participating in a young adult program in Vermont, you learn how to manage stress and anxiety without alcohol or drugs. Treatment helps them with personal growth, life skills, nutrition, parenting skills, boundaries, and other challenges unique to this stage of life.

Levels of Care


Detox & MAT

Detox in Vermont involves ridding your body of addictive substances. This medically-supervised step can last u...p to a week, depending on personal history and type of substances used.
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Outpatient Rehab

The timeline for outpatient rehab in Vermont is different for everyone. The program is tailored to meet your r...ecovery needs, and it may last 90 days or years. During this time, you’ll attend treatment sessions that focus on developing strategies to meet challenges and prevent relapse.
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Dual Diagnosis & Mental Health

If mental illness is present alongside substance abuse, as it often is, then dual diagnosis treatment in Vermo...nt is necessary. This integrated approach uses methods such as individual and family counseling, medication management, and cognitive-behavioral therapy to address both disorders.
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financial-aid icon Financial Aid

If you need help paying for alcohol and drug rehab in Vermont, financial aid may be an option. Financial assis...tance options include grants, scholarships, non-profit programs, personal funding, and health insurance programs to help you manage the expense of substance abuse treatment.
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payment-plan icon Payment Plans & Financing

For those who are underinsured or uninsured, paying the total cost of a rehab program up front is not feasible.... Fortunately, many alcohol and drug rehabs make financing available to potential clients through private loans, in-house payment plans, or partner lenders. You can choose a finance package that lets you start treatment immediately and pay for it later.
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medicaid icon Medicaid Accepted

If you’re eligible for Medicaid, you can use the coverage to cover the cost of alcohol and drug rehab in Ver...mont. This program can provide coverage for various stages of addiction treatment, including detox and inpatient rehab, but coverage amounts may be limited.
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medicare icon Medicare Accepted

If you're eligible for Medicare, you may have coverage options for alcohol and drug rehab in Vermont. The amou...nt of coverage will depend on many things, including whether you are seeking inpatient or outpatient treatment for substance abuse.
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tricare icon TRICARE

Administered by the Department of Defense, TRICARE offers comprehensive military health insurance plans for ac...tive and retired military members and their families. Similar to PPO programs offered by private insurance companies, TRICARE covers multiple levels of care for addiction treatment, including detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient services.
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private-insurance icon Private Insurance

If you have private health insurance, you should be able to use your plan to help cover the cost of alcohol an...d drug rehab in Vermont. The amount covered may depend on your policy and whether the treatment center is in-network or out-of-network. You may be left with some costs like a co-payment, or co-insurance. Check with your insurer for more information.
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self-pay icon Self-Pay Options

Self-pay options for alcohol and drug rehab in Vermont can help you take charge of the cost of your recovery j...ourney, by giving yourself access to all levels of care — including detox centers in Vermont, and inpatient rehabs in Vermont — without the restrictions of private insurers or state-run programs.
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