Why Choosing a Rehab Center that is Far Away is Right for You

Although you might not like being away from home, sometimes choosing a rehab that is far from your normal environment can help you get over your drug addiction faster. Being at home makes it easier to acquire and use your drug of choice. There are many ways that being far away from home during rehab could be right for you.

You Can Get a Fresh Start

Some people just need a place to start fresh, away from their mistakes and all of the embarrassing things they did while on drugs. A rehab that is away from your home town can give you this. You will be away from all of the things that made you start using in the first place.

To find a rehab that is far away from your home all you have to do is call 800-743-5860 (Info iconWho Answers?) .

Being Away from your Home Reduces the Risk of Relapse

Since you are far away from your home, you cannot acquire drugs as easily as you could where you know the territory. If you cannot get the drugs, you cannot relapse back into using them.

You are Away from your Triggers

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a trigger is a cue in your normal environment that when activated you crave the drug. This means you can see something, hear something, or even smell something and it causes you to want the drug.

A rehab that is far away from your home environment can reduce triggers and slow your cravings. Not only does this help you take control back from the drug, it also helps prevent a relapse during treatment.

You are Far Away from the Stress of Home

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, stress plays an important role in substance abuse. In fact, stress is one of the leading causes of substance abuse and substance use disorder. It is best to choose a rehab that is outside your home town if the stress is caused by your:

Choosing a Rehab

Going away for rehab will relieve you of family and work stress.

  • employer or employment
  • home environment
  • family
  • friends
  • relationships
  • your home in general

Getting away from these things can make your recovery easier for you and those around you.

You are Away from Outside Influence

It is more difficult for friends and family to visit when you are away from your home town. Although friends and family can be a good influence, sometimes they are part of your problem with drug abuse.

Friends and family can be major stressors on you. If they do not approve of your sobriety, use drugs themselves, or do not support you, it is best that you are away from them while you recover. Many rehabs keep friends and family away for at least part of the treatment program. This is easier to do in a different town or different state.

Finding a Treatment Center Away from Home

If you think that treatment away from your home is best for you or you need help deciding, all you have to do is call 800-743-5860 (Info iconWho Answers?) . We can help you find the rehab option that is right for you and your situation.