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About Into Action Sober Living

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Action House is one of Into Action’s sober living facilities. It’s a facility for men in recovery from substance use disorder who’re serious about maintaining their sobriety. Clients start to regain their independence by managing their daily responsibilities, being socially active, and holding a job or looking for employment. They also learn and practice the skills needed to remain sober for the rest of their lives.

Into Action only accepts clients who’re serious about maintaining their recovery. Therefore, they have “Sobriety Standards” that help hold clients accountable for their recovery. They include attending meetings, working with a sponsor, doing 12 Step work, reading recovery literature, sponsoring others in recovery, and submitting to mandatory weekly drug testing.

The building itself is very impressive. It’s a historical apartment building that has been converted into a single house with all the amenities anyone could want, including three entertainment areas, four kitchens, and lots of outdoor space.

It’s great that graduates who excel can move into a triplex garage-style apartment just behind Action House. There they will provide mentorship services to those in Action House while maintaining their sobriety with the freedom of independent apartment-style living.


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Business Center

Business centers are a preferred amenity in many mental health and addiction recovery facilities and typically... feature secure, high-speed internet, computer stations, printers, and related business technologies. Business centers are designed to enable professionals and students to continue to participate in work or school activities without leaving the treatment facility.
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Private Rehab

Private drug rehab provides a comfortable, secure environment that allows you to focus on doing the work to ge...t your life back on track. Benefits include a higher staff-to-client ratio, increased one-on-one time with therapists and healthcare providers, private rooms for clients, and customized forms of therapy.
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Rec Room & Activities

Recreational therapy uniquely combines therapeutic interventions with an activity, like horse-riding, hiking, ...wilderness therapy, basketball, tennis, or a full workout. Benefits of recreational therapy include providing a healthy way to work through the emotions of recovery, learning to build and maintain relationships, improving communication skills, and building self-esteem.
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Residential Setting

Residential drug rehab provides the comforts of home with the therapeutic support needed to successfully Benefits of an inpatient program include increased safety, a higher success rate, and the time and distance given to focus on recovery. Residential drug rehabs are often the preferred method of treatment, as they can be tailored to meet specific needs, offer focused therapeutic care, and provide the necessary tools to sustain recovery.
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Some rehab programs offer free Wi-Fi to guests who have full access to their smartphone devices or laptop comp...uters during treatment. While access to these devices may be allowed, the time spent using them is often regulated or restricted so clients can focus on treatment.
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Addiction Treatment Programs

Adult Program Alcoholism Drug Rehab Men's Rehab Opioid Treatment Teen & Adolescent Program

Adult Program

In Oklahoma, you’ll find a variety of addiction treatment programs. Each adult program in Oklahoma is tailored to meet the individual where they are and help them find a healthy path to recovery.


People need tools to fight against addiction, and that’s exactly what alcohol rehab in Oklahoma provides. You’ll get the tools you need to address the physical, mental, and relational issues that are contributing to alcohol abuse, so you can move forward in recovery.

Drug Rehab

To address the issues of addiction, each drug rehab in Oklahoma is tailored to meet the individual’s needs. Treatment may occur in a residential or outpatient setting, and may last from a few days to several months.

Men's Rehab

Men’s rehab in Oklahoma is perfect for men who prefer to be around people of their own gender during rehab. This can remove distractions and help men focus on their treatment and recovery.

Opioid Treatment

Opioid rehab in Oklahoma gives individuals the opportunity to achieve long-term sobriety. Through specialized treatment, participants receive the support and therapies they need to address addiction issues and learn how to live independent of opioid use.

Teen & Adolescent Program

Treatment plans at a young adult program in Oklahoma focus on the unique challenges of young adults in their teens and twenties. This includes navigating independence while making healthy choices and addressing substance use disorder issues.

Levels of Care


Aftercare & Alumni Program

Achieving sobriety is the goal of rehab. Maintaining sobriety is the goal of aftercare rehab. Oklahoma rehab services give you access to support services that help you overcome hurdles as you re-enter life. Life coaches, counselors, and 12-step support groups are often key components of aftercare. These services are often needed for a year or more after initial treatment.
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Sober Living

Oklahoma sober living usually lasts for a few months. During this time, you’ll live in a private home with o...thers who are in recovery. Each resident is required to follow a structured schedule and strict house policies. This provides a stable environment as you learn how to live life free of drugs or alcohol.
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self-pay icon Self-Pay Options

In Oklahoma, you have the option to pay for alcohol and drug rehab in out-of-pocket, also known as self-pay or... private pay. This option covers all levels of care, including detox in Oklahoma, and inpatient rehab in Oklahoma because you are not restricted by the limitations of private insurance, or state-run programs.
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