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About BHG Pawtucket Treatment Center

BHG Pawtucket is an alcohol and drug rehab program in Pawtucket, Rhode Island that offers addiction treatment to men and women suffering from opioid use disorder and alcoholism. Their services are provided on an outpatient basis, and they specialize in medication-assisted treatment. Staff provide an individualized treatment plan for each client based on their original intake and assessment, which determine the best path for treatment.

BHG Pawtucket offers mental health therapy in combination with addiction treatment that uses FDA-approved medications backed by science. Mental health therapy is mandatory to help clients develop a relapse-prevention plan, work through unresolved emotions, and learn new skills to build a life of recovery. Clients engage in individual therapy and group therapy. The medications used help mitigate withdrawal symptoms and cravings and help detox the body from addictive substances. BHG Pawtucket accepts most major medical insurance plans and is accredited by CARF and The Joint Commission.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Adult Program Alcoholism Drug Rehab LGBTQ Friendly Rehab Men's Rehab Rehab For Veterans Opioid Treatment Women's Rehab Teen & Adolescent Program

Adult Program

Each available adult program in Rhode Island offers a full continuum of care to those aged 18 and up.. Inpatient, outpatient, and sober living programs offer varying levels of intensity to meet the needs of every individual.


Alcohol rehab in Rhode Island is more than simple alcohol abstinence. These treatment programs teach you how to change your lifestyle and environment so you can maintain sobriety and enjoy long-term recovery.

Drug Rehab

During drug rehab in Rhode Island, you’ll participate in a variety of therapeutic interventions designed to help you break free from addiction. Common methods include cognitive behavioral therapy, music and art therapy, 12-step support, and nutrition/exercise.

LGBTQ Friendly Rehab

In Rhode Island, LGBTQ-friendly rehab offers many of the same treatment methods found traditional programs. However, staff are trained to provide relevant treatment to LGBTQ individuals, based on their unique needs.

Men's Rehab

Men often feel safer in men’s rehab in Rhode Island and more comfortable without the presence of women. This allows them to deal with sensitive topics such as traumatic events and deep-rooted emotions.

Rehab For Veterans

Veteran’s rehab in Rhode Island typically includes medical detox, 12-step programs, and trauma-focused therapies. Staff used evidence-based treatment methods to address unique challenges that Veterans face with addiction and related mental health disorders.

Opioid Treatment

The goal of opioid rehab in Rhode Island is to help you take control of your life and prevent negative outcomes from opioid use. The first phase of healing is typically detox, which is followed by comprehensive addiction treatment.

Women's Rehab

Providing a firm foundation for women to build sober lives, women’s rehab in Rhode Island increases recovery success. Treatment addresses specific challenges women face in day-to-day life, to teach them new ways to cope without turning to substances.

Teen & Adolescent Program

Many disorders and addictions can be treated at a young adult program in Rhode Island. Programs combine family, group, and individual therapies in an age-appropriate environment to treat alcohol and drug use disorders as well as co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Levels of Care


Detox & MAT

When you enter drug rehab in Rhode Island, you’ll begin your road to recovery with detox. This is the proces...s of slowly and safely ridding your body of addictive substances. The length of detox varies, based on personal history and type of substances used.
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Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab in Rhode Island involves less frequent sessions than inpatient programs. You’ll attend ther...apy and 12-step meetings, while maintaining other life responsibilities. This will help you remain accountable while learning to live a sober lifestyle.
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Dual Diagnosis & Mental Health

Substance abuse and mental illness often overlap. If you struggle with addiction and a condition such as anxie...ty or depression, you need dual diagnosis treatment in Rhode Island. This will provide treatment for both disorders.
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financial-aid icon Financial Aid

Financial Aid: If you need help with paying for alcohol and drug rehab in Rhode Island, financial aid may be a... good solution. Financial assistance options include grants, scholarships, non-profit programs, personal funding, and health insurance programs to help you manage the expense of substance abuse treatment.
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medicaid icon Medicaid Accepted

If you need help paying for alcohol and drug rehab in Rhode Island, you may be eligible for Medicaid. Coverage... through Rhode Island Medicaid may vary, but it can assist with the cost of addiction treatment, including detox, inpatient rehab, and more.
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self-pay icon Self-Pay Options

In Rhode Island, you have the option to pay for your addiction treatment out-of-pocket, known as self-pay or p...rivate pay. Self-pay gives you the ability to take charge of your recovery journey, by providing access to all levels of care at alcohol and drug rehabs in Rhode Island because you don’t have to limit yourself to the restrictions of your private insurer or a state-run program.
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