Drug Addiction

A drug addict can be a mother, father, sister, brother as well as a grandparent. Drugs do no discriminate on who uses them. The easy availability of illicit and prescription drugs in the United States has created a growing problem with millions suffering through drug addiction. What many do not think in regards to drug addiction is that it is a disease, in need of medical treatment to overcome. Yes drug addiction is selfish but it can be uncontrollable. Many have to hit rock bottom before realizing that they need help, hopefully the hit rock bottom before death.

What is Drug Addiction?

No one who begins abusing drugs plans to become addicted. What starts off as a one time thing quickly becomes a regular occurrence. The effects of drugs become addicting to the mind and body and the user just craves more. Quickly the body develops a tolerance to the drug, requiring larger doses to achieve the desired effects. The body becomes dependent on drugs, addicted. For some their addiction can bring them to the point of not even being able to have pleasurable experiences without being on drugs. The chemicals in their brains get to mixed up and confused causing their bodies loose that ability to enjoy even the little things while sober.

Who does Drug Addiction affect?

Drug addiction does not affect just one specific type of person. When thinking about a drug addict our minds immediately go to the bum on the street completely strung out, in po0r health and filthy dirty. Truth is this is a drug addict can be anyone, some are extremely good at hiding their addiction from the outside world, putting on a front showing on the service that they are fine but underneath the drugs are slowly killing them. A drug addict can be a mother taking her child’s ADHD medication just for a little added energy during that day, or the son who is addicted to cocaine and other club drugs he uses on a regular basis to ‘have fun’ or the Grandmother that has been smoking marijuana since before you were born. Some can hide their addiction well, others can not. Like the meth addict’s who’s physical appearance quickly begins to deteriorate as her addiction grows or the heroin addict who uses the drug to control their emotional or physical pain, unable to function otherwise.

Regardless to if they are showing that they abuse drugs or not they all have the same thing in common, they are addicted to drugs. They are all killing themselves with something they first intended to only use once in a while. The drugs are destroying vital organs such as the brain, liver and kidneys. If they continue down the path of drug addiction the next step is death.

Drug Addiction Rehabs Provide Addiction Help

Drug addiction is selfish. Many addicts do not open their eyes to see how their addiction is affecting others until it is to late. Those abusing drugs on a regular basis often make foolish choices that can risk the lives of others or even have legal ramifications. Drugs eventually become top priority so work, school and paying financial obligations become unimportant. Friends and family them destroy themselves. What the addict doesn’t realize is that they are not only destroying themselves but they are destroying their family and friends by breaking relationships, displacing their children and other family members. Drug addiction is selfish, but it is also a disease in need to medical attentions. Most hope their drug addicted friend or family member will realize they need help before it is to late.

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