Faith-Based Substance Abuse and Addiction Programs in Idaho

Many Idaho residents are faced with a tough reality of needing a Substance abuse and Addiction rehab program to over come an substance abuse problem or addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. It is so easy to hide from reality through the use of drugs and alcohol but when that substance begins to destroy everything you once loved about you life and begins killing you it is a huge eye opener that change is needed, and needed fast. For many a faith-based substance abuse and addiction rehab program is what they need. This type of program takes the traditional rehab process and adds in spiritual guidance. Having faith is an extremely important tool when recovering because no matter what you have done throughout your addiction there is forgiveness in God.

What is Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is the intentional misuse of drugs and or alcohol. Some never intended to get carried away with their drug use and alcohol use but over time they did, making it a regular occurrence. Those who abuse a substance are no physically dependent on the drug and/or alcohol, they can stop using without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. However there is a trigger in their mind that keeps them from ignoring temptation, getting them closer and closer to addiction.

Commonly Abused and Addictive Substances

  • Prescription drugs
  • Street drugs
  • Inhalants
  • Alcohol

What is Addiction?

Addiction is the physical and mental dependence on a drug and/or alcohol. The body experiences withdrawal symptoms when the drug and/or alcohol is stopped abruptly. These withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful, for those who attempt to stop cold turkey the withdrawal often sends them back to the drug or alcohol. Those addicted to a substance are consumed by the urge to use or drink, they become unable to focus on other activities and responsibilities, drugs and/or alcohol become top priority. The longer the addict is using the drugs and/or alcohol the more harmful effects it will have on their health and over all life.

Its Time to Quit…

Your problem with substance abuse or addiction is eventually going to take your life, it is starting to destroy it or has already destroyed it at this point. Your health may be deteriorating, causing irreversible damage to vital organs; your work may be suffering, you may have even lost your job due to this bad habit; you may be faced with legal troubles due to poor decision making while under the influence; your friends and family may be at the point of giving up on you because you are not just destroying your life but their as well.

If you are ready to take the first step towards recovery a Faith-Based Substance Abuse and Addiction Programs in Idaho can help you start the healing process. Your recovery will be centered around faith and that with faith in God all can be healed. Your not fighting this battle alone, you always have God on your side, his forgiveness and love throughout eternity.

The Recovery Process


When entering into a recovery program you will go through an assessment process. This processes helps the Doctors and staff determine the severity of your substance abuse or addiction problem and allows them to design a treatment plan to help you successfully recover.

  • Those with a substance abuse problem often go into an outpatient program where they make regular visits to the treatment facility for detox and counseling.
  • Those with an addiction problem will go inpatient depending on the severity of the problem. There they will receive 24-7 care during the recovery process with medical detox and counseling.


Detox is the process of cleansing the body of any chemicals or toxins related to drug and/or alcohol use.

  • Detox for outpatient rehab programs is monitored use of non-addictive prescription medications given to those experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The patient will submit regular drug and alcohol tests.
  • Detox for inpatient rehab programs the patient is given non-addictive medication or can be sedated during the withdrawal process. The patient will receive 24-7 care offering support and spiritual guidance throughout this process.


Counseling is a key role in recovery, it allows the patient to get to the cause of their addiction or substance abuse problem. Counseling offers spiritual guidance and healing. As well as providing the patient with the tools needed to mend broken relationships, repair their life and maintain sober living.

Do not wait any longer, your substance abuse or addiction problem is not going to get better on it own. Contact a Faith-Based Substance Abuse and Addiction Programs in Idaho today and start your recovery.

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