Faith-Based Rehab Programs in Minnesota

Throughout the world there are millions of people fighting with  substance abuse problem or alcohol dependency. Addiction destroys the lives of not only the addict but those who are around them, each and every action related to drug and/or alcohol abuse has negative consequences. In 2010 the state of Minnesota had  50,830 people enter into substance abuse and addiction treatment centers, 12,099 of which were there solely for alcohol dependency. Many of which went through the treatment program successfully, others fell victim to their addiction once again. With such a growing addiction problem in Minnesota there is a strong need for faith-based rehab programs that not only use the traditional methods of addiction treatment but they incorporate Christianity in. Having faith in God can help an addict reach their recovery goals and maintain their sobriety.

Substance abuse and Alcohol Dependency

With thousands in just the Minnesota area suffering from a substance abuse problem and alcohol dependency it is clear why there is such a large need for treatment programs such as faith-based rehab programs. These programs allow the addict a safe, secure environment to go through detox and the various counseling processes. With a faith-based rehab program the addict is not only treated for the physical and mental effects of addiction, they are treated with their mind, body and soul in consideration. It is thought that healing in all of these areas is the best way to successfully recover from addiction.

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse is the intentional misuse of a substance to achieve a high from it. Such substances often include street drugs, inhalants and prescription drugs. Those addicted to such substances can find themselves hit with an uncontrollable urge to use, to get high. Their bodies become dependent and experience withdrawal symptoms when not using. Once addicted it can be difficult to quit ‘cold turkey’ so most addicts reach out to treatment facilities for the support the need to successfully quit using.

What is Alcohol Dependency?

Alcohol dependency is also known as alcoholism, it is classified as a disease. Those who are dependent on alcohol can no longer control the urge to drink, their body and mind is consumed by desire for more alcohol. As time goes on and they feed the addiction the bodies tolerance to alcohol grows, in order to achieve the desired effects the addict must drink larger quantities causing major damage to the bodies vital organs such as the liver. When an alcoholic does not have alcohol in their system or are coming down off alcohol they will experience extremely painful withdrawal symptoms that can be debilitating. It is not uncommon for an alcoholic to say that they can not function with out alcohol in their system.

Addiction treatment

The best coarse of treatment for a person suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction is an inpatient treatment program. They have the choice of what type of program they enter into, there are traditional programs, holistic and faith-based programs. While all of these programs have their success at treating patients many choose a faith-based program because it offers them spiritual guidance as well as medical treatment for their addiction.

Services of a Faith-Based Rehab Program Include;

  • Medical Detox with spiritual guidance
  • Behavioral modification therapy
  • Group counseling with a Christian counselor
  • Individual counseling with a Christian counselor
  • Daily Meditation and Prayer
  • Weekly visits to house of worship

The goal of a faith-based rehab program is to heal the addicts mind body and soul. To teach them how to achieve inner peace, have a view of self worth, to find faith in God and use that to maintain their sobriety. All rehab programs are the same in getting you clean, helping you get to the cause of your addiction and work through that, as well as teaching you the tools needed for sober living. What makes faith-based rehab programs different is that they put your true faith into it, they want you to know that God is there for you no matter what has happened in your past, there is always forgiveness.

Please do not wait any longer and allow addiction to win, contact a faith-based rehab program in Minnesota today and start your recovery.

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