Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol has been used as a form of socialization throughout history. According to national statistics, over 15 million Americans are dependent on alcohol.  Most are able to control their alcohol intake keeping it moderate and appropriate. Others abuse alcohol, drinking to the point of intoxication, making foolish choices that they wouldn’t have if alcohol was never in their system. What starts off as a night out with friends can result in a a broken future just by making one foolish choice. While alcohol has been an ice breaker making people more social it also can make some more aggressive, easily agitated. Alcohol abuse comes in many forms, so only abuse alcohol socials and others in the comfort of their homes. Starting with alcohol abuse can have devastating results, not only do they need to worry about addiction but death.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is a excessive use of alcohol either on a regular basis or on individual occasions. The most common from of alcohol abuse if binge drinking, this is when a individual consumes four or more alcoholic drinks in one night.

The Results of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse can have devastating results on ones physical and mental health, as well as their life in general. The most common cause of death related to alcohol abuse is alcohol poisoning, the individual drinks more than their body and handle and they go toxic. If not treated in time alcohol poisoning can kill the individual, some a luck and receive treatment in time. Regular use of alcohol greatly affects the brain, liver and kidneys, causing irreversible damage.

Alcohol directly affects ones decision making. What would seem foolish while sober does not seem like such a bad idea when under the influence of alcohol. This is why so many make the foolish choice of drinking then driving, ricking their lives as well as the lives of all the others on the road. In fact, in the United States alone, every 30 minutes someone is killed in an alcohol related traffic accident. Not only is this dangerous but there are also serious legal problems to consider, lawyers fees, tickets, possible jail time. Drinking brings out the sexuality in most, they feel more comfortable in their bodies. Many make the mistake of one night stands, and unprotected sex risking unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Alcohol brings often brings out aggression in its users, it is very common for an individual under the influence of alcohol to get into fights over things that they would never if sober. Alcohol abuse can make an individual a completely different person upon intoxication.

Seek Help from an Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Many have to worry about finding themselves addicted to alcohol. They are not as concerned with the other consequences to the actions. It is hard to get someone who abuses alcohol to seek help, often they need to hit rock bottom before seeing that there is a problem. This is when their health, finances, friendships, family life and everything around them is in shambles. At this point most realize it is time for help before they kill themselves.

Where do calls go?

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